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The Water's Edge

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Winnie really gives us a stellar performance on this one. A powerful song for anyone who experienced the crimes of the heart. Ever feel like you would jump in the ocean for Love, to shatter the distance of time and space? Waiting for the soulmate to respond as you call them out from the depths of your soul? This song is about all those stories


This song began as a song for intense hearts. Sometimes love is a pathway to despair. Despite how our society has rocketed forward technologically, in the matter of the heart we remain mired in a quagmire of confusing emotions. Only romantic love can take one to the Water's Edge. It took us six mastering attempts before Winnie gave this song her OK. It's been 4 months since I wrote the lyrics. Mainly thinking about my ex, but also thinking about the future soulmates we have yet to meet. They too are beyond the Water's Edge.

Equipment used:
Logic 4.x, JV1010, custom QS8 patches. Logic's EQs processed the lo fi vocals. Winnie's vocal tracks were recorded direct to disk with a Rode NT1 and further touched up with with a MIXciter plugin. Mastering was done with a dbx DDP direct to Vegas Pro.

The Water's Edge
Mar 23, 2000
by Rich

I sing across the water's edge
As if she might hear me from the other side
Its been weeks since I heard from her
The mystery that is her

And you think you have gone away
Somewhere inside;
She cries
In the rain
She hides
All the pain

My love will cross a mighty ocean
It will dive into the sea
For a single moment of knowing you
My heart will cross into your dreams

You leave me saying you'll never come back
She would never say that.
Its not like you can take it away
There is nothing that can ever
Removea day

Our love stands true in devotion
From there we can never part
It can ignore all your emotions
It has soaked into your heart

How distant are the bodies
Of souls forever joined
How old is the gold
That can never be coined

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