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Ur My BayBe

One of my strange moods.  Can you bring a soulmate back by telepathy? Have you ever fought that demon in your head?  Surely, if you feel that strongly, they MUST know. In all, a deadly question of passionate intensity for those who have been there.  That was the question and if you listen close you'll get an answer. Though the answer itself sometimes is illusion.

Gear Notes: A rather "Hip Pop" experimental piece using my software multi track Vegas to do some of those abrupt silences. This was conceived using the Pure Phatt Rom to get that hip hop character, with tons of midi and audio tweaks to keep things interesting. It was fun to do.

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Are you ready to go back? (No!)
Lets look at the stars tonight!
Then light the candle.
The Power of One
The Power for Two
Let us drink the witches Brew.
I have put a spell on you.

Baby Baby,
Whatch gonna do?
I've been tryn' not to be blue
You know I want to go away with you
Look at the North star tonight I amde a wish for you!
SoulMate. return!
Very very quiet.

Baby Baby,
Come to me
Let me touch,
and let me let me let me..

(ooh Baby)

Baby, baby,
Whatcha gonna do?

I've been up all night GD it

And with this candle flame we go back...
for a while maybe longer..

Now Don't freak out or anything,
Things Change
Oh Shiii

Baby, Baby

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