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Telstar's Daughter 


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About this song
I wrote this song expressly for the article on tweakheadz.com that tries to explain my songwriting process.  You can go there and watch how I made this song from the forst hi hats to the strange tweaks I used to "re-mix" it.

Step by step, how to build a song

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All songs on this site are copyright 1986-2008 Rich's MIDI Lab, Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab, Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-Central.com.  All rights are reserved.  Advance permission is granted for internet radio stations to stream this content given that I am notified.  Individual songs may be licensed for for use in your projects.  Inquire by emailing me at rich@SPAM-ME-NOTtweakheadz.com   Of course remove the SPAM-ME-NOT



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