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The Swamp Walker


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It started as an experiment in 7/8 time and rose to a theme. I had a lot of fun with it and took the liberty to get a little crazier than usual, letting it go over the top and past the edge. Nearly 80 midi instruments and plenty of soft synths. Absynth, Reaktor, lots of EXS, a full load of the emu Ultra, Triton, even had to dip down into the proteus 2 to pull up more strings. Its excess all the way, deliberately too busy...

I could perfect it if I had another month, but there are more ideas calling, so consider it a pre-mature release.

Inspiration? A heroic walk through Dante's Inferno.

The vapors rise over the swamp of souls.
This will be a night of death you know.
We brought you here to watch

(You must learn the way)

Tonight we will forcibly eject an evil spirit from this swamp. No!

The air, thick, with the humidity of dread
Bubbling in desire, the swamp talks to the dead!

The townspeople have gathered to watch.
Their secret yearnings are feeding the swamp!

Peer into the darkness friend
Let no movement be thine end
Then someone spoke and said
"It's time".

It did not take long to find the beast
Looking for its nightly feast.
It was actually waiting.
Staring at us with its cold red eyes
As the Watcher's cried (to cover their lies).

But We Won't take that THIS TIME!
We won't lay down in the SLIME!
Because NOW it TIME to

The Orchestra takes over....



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