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Voices In the Stone

Version No 2. 12/26/96

Originally written 07/94 with Logic Atari. I revised the piece over th holidays and added audio. This one is about a dream I had where I dreamt i had passed on into the afterlife. I was met by some strange beings that existed in stones, and sang in order that good could prevail in the physical world. While the subject is serious, the treatment here is comical.

I will swear till my dying day this song was sent to me by a muse.

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 I woke up one day laughing. Ran down to the studio and frantically wrote out all the parts of this dream, put Logic in Warp Drive, and knocked this out. In the dream I had died, apparently, though I was quite sure. Half of me was in a foggy netherworld that looked bleak and cold, but was actually warm and friendly. Sort of like being home at a place where there was no one but everyone was there. Then I realized all the stones were talking about me and laughing at me in a good natured way that stones are.

Once awake I was certain of the existence of forces in the next world that work tirelessly to make good things happen in this one. (Remember, I am a philosopher, not a religious fanatic).

We are such beings of joy and light. The only tragedy is that we don't know this yet!

It was mainly composed using a wavestation and Logic Audio for audio tracks.



The Stone


We must be in heaven man!

Sometimes it takes me by surprise

How mysterious it all is

It started one day when I was walking

Suddenly there were all this fog man


So I am walking, walking, walking, through the Fog

I keep running into these big, polished stones.

They're cool looking, organic-like.

And they have these arrows with some kind of ancient inscription carved on them

For some reason today its like I'm super intelligent

and I can translate them

The inscriptions all sayÖ"xysydjtgjsjr"


As an intellectual I have just about reached the ineluctable conclusion that I might be dead.

Things are a little bit different

Then thereís all these stone things

Beautiful, organic, friendly

pointing the way somewhere.

You know, first, I was a little bit bothered by the fact that I might be dead.

But I got used to the idea.

It wasnít such a bad place after all.

I didnít feel alone

In fact it seemed like there were a whole lot of people here.

I just could not

See Them



We must be in Heaven Man! (winds)

We must be in Heaven Yeah!


(voices go here)

dddddd dead

Then I realized, there were Voices in the Stone.

I realized thereís Voices in the Stone!



So I asked this voice

To take me,

To God!

They kinda laughed at that. (applause)

But it was a good natured laugh, so I played along.

Then they said.

"Heís here somewhere."


"You just canít see him right now."



Then they told me

I had to go back.

I wasnít dead.

They gave me a message

Sent me back with this song

This voice is for the living.




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