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Proteus Year 2000

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All custom sounds made on my proteus 2000. Like 'em? They are a free download http://www.tweakheadz.com/patches.html

Story Behind the Song
I am a synth programmer and made these sounds from scratch using the great proteus 2000 module.

Final Update 15 (for now anyway)

Here's 127 presets--a full bank-- made with a stock proteus 2000.  Lots of industrial noises, LFO's synced to clocks, drum loops (yep, figured it out) ambient and trance effects, and a better OBX horn patch then you'll find in the factory programs.  There's pads, clocked voxs, arpeggios, space FX too.  TX basses are now refined 'cause you have to have these just right.  Just added some well tweaked orchestras, massive pads and a somewhat better pipe organ (it will improve)! Oh! You also get some "default" patches that I made that optimize knob twists along the lines of the P2k conventions.  These are incredibly valuable because you can simply change instruments and get hundreds of great analog-ish tones. And check out the classic guitar--didn't quite finish it tho.

This bank was created in the month of Sept. 2000 by Rich at TweakHeadz Lab.  I am getting up to speed on the Proteus 2000 synth architecture and decided to share my experiments with everyone.  My plan is to get a new emulator Ultra, which shares a similar synth engine, and program some more outstanding emu cd roms and possibly Proteus 32 meg roms.  Those who know my work know I tend to go for the cutting edge.  These sounds are a starting point for this long adventure.  Not only does this bank attempt to give you ready made sounds for your module, it is also a quest for new timbres to sample. 

Read more about this bank

Listen to an mp3 demo of these sounds (4.7 meg download) 

 This is the beginning of what may end up being a commercial bank. So it's a bank in development right now-very experimental--as I am pushing the p2k to its limits to see what I can get away with.  You'll find more than a few surprises as some sounds I've made have nothing like it in the factory banks.  


All songs on this site are copyright 1986-2008 Rich's MIDI Lab, Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab, Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-Central.com.  All rights are reserved.  Advance permission is granted for internet radio stations to stream this content given that I am notified.  Individual songs may be licensed for for use in your projects.  Inquire by emailing me at rich@SPAM-ME-NOTtweakheadz.com   Of course remove the SPAM-ME-NOT



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