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The Planet Wonder


The original Planet Wonder was written in the year 2000.  It made #1 in the "experimental sounds" genre Soundclick on 2/24/04 and hovered near the top for a year. This mix is an attempt to surpass the original.   On 12-31-07 it recaptured the top position on that chart.


Planet Wonder Remix    hi-fi Click to play in your own player

A trip to the distant reaches of the last open space port, we peer through the hole in the cosmos. Really. I love creating the insides of space ships in my music. This song was the final realization of my Celestial Windowpane project after the cd rom was finished and I could finally go wild with my creation. Listen to Winnies awesome harmonies.

Story Behind the Song  (June 2000)
I loved making this piece. In addition to using my Celestial acid loops, I used the new XL-1 synth for arpeggios and and the throbbing basses. The wild 'break' section was composed in Sound Forge using the Ice Kold Tekno preset "Falling in". I through every plugin I could into this one till Logic was sputtering and gasping. Had to pump up the computer just to get the mix out. Used a ton of plugins, most notably the bit-crusher on vocals and the spectralizer to morph things up a bit.

Story behind the Remix

I realized the song was getting dated, and I had made so many strides in terms of my understanding of sound quality I had to redo it.  The XL-1 was replaced by a MiniMoog V, the MOTU MX4 did the arps, and I concocted a new set of effects inside Kontakt 2, using its great time stretching.  Logic's new Vocal transformer did the voices in the middle part.  Ambient samples were used from my Post Indie collection.  Many of the blips are from the Ice Kold Tekno Orchestra Collection.  The UAD-1 Fairchild was used as a mastering compressor. 

The farther out we go in our explorations, the more we realize, the real adventure is an inward journey.  You cannot go out without going in.




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