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The Night Wind


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Rich and Ana

The Night Wind is calling. You are alone. Is anyone there? It was a cold November night in Austin (not known for cold weather here). We could hear the wind rattling the windows of my drafty Hyde Park studio. Yet the feeling was electric between us. Both of us were inspired by the night, its ecitement, it's lonliness. Ana shows her amazing low range on this one.

Story Behind the Song

This one started from my poetry but we revised over and over in a brainstorming session that went on untl we found the essence of the night, the excitement of the cold wind calling you out from the reality of lonliness.

Originally tracked in 1986 and remixed in 1999. There were a few flaws in the original master that could not be erradicated, consider them history's mark of authenticity.

This piece is very special to me.



Do you feel?
The Night Wind calling you.
Right Now.

There is blackness in the sky
No moonlight
No stars

Feel the night wind call
Touch me
Tell me someone's there
I'm cold and alone and I'm scared
Touch me
Tell me someone's there
Someone feels the night


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