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Hi, my name is Rich.

I have been writing electronic music compositions for nearly 13 years. Before that, I was known primarily as a guitar player. I started picking at the age of 12, and always had a fascination with tape recorders and getting them to do sound on sound by splicing wires, rigging up microphones and speakers, and recording layers of tracks using two $20 buck recorders.  

During my last year of High School, I joined a band named the Factory on the south side of Chicago, near the industrial district where I grew up. We did mainly Doors and Tull and Zepplin. I played lead guitar. The band, by the way, still performs regularly in the pubs of Chicago, with many of the original members.  

I went to college at SIU-Carbondale. Yes, the party capital of the mid-west. In addition to picking up a few degrees in Sociology (where I learned to enjoy intellectual pursuits) , I met some truly creative folks there in the large hippie-type households I was a part of. My housemates and I often played guitar and sang till the sunrise on top of the roof of our turn of the century 2 story run down Victorian "farmhouse". These times remind me how many incredible ideas were generated just in "play".  At times it seemed to all of us that there was something strange about the music we made up there.  Was it us?  Or was it the moon?

coolin' out the fires 


Eerie forbidden chordings.  Perhaps the beginning of my interest in sound development. 

It was always a dream to be able to record all the parts to a song, add strings, horns, whatever a song needed. Hence, I was a sucker for MIDI when it arrived. I anxiously saved and scrimped every dime from my day job and took a second job, even sacrificed driving a car for many years just so I could buy MIDI stuff. The dream slowly became reality. Now, there is incredible freedom to make whatever kind of music I want.  

As a result, I have over a decade and a half of material to share, all original tunes, that can be obtained by ordering my cds at MP3.com. What you see at mp3.com is the tip of the iceberg.  There's way over 1300 songs in my catalog.  Of course they aren't all great.  :)

Its difficult to categorize my stuff into a "type" of music. Each song has a "voice" and I work on them by cultivating that voice. Most people who hear it and like it describe it as somewhere where New Age, Pop, World, Trance and Dance Music cross over. Its quite technically accomplished, if I say so myself, with changing meter, transposition, often strange arrangements, and unusual sounds. I have a strong philosophical background, and it reflects itself in the music. Yet, as i get older, I am able to do many different forms and do them well.  

I have also worked with a few vocalists over the years. The first was Ana O'Barr. We created about 40 songs together before her untimely death. Right now I am working with a great singers/speakers named Winnie and Juli. Using poetry as lyrics, and richly textured midi instruments as a background, I think we have found our way into some dramatic musical forms you just can't find anywhere. 

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Currently, I am on a mission to redefine Dance Club Music 

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