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Sit back and relax.  Shut down the lights and Light a candle.  My music has strong philosophical leanings, a result of a life spent pursuing unusual ideational pathways. There's plenty of songs here. (Only the tip of the iceberg of my 1200 song catalog!) Some of it portends to be serious even intense.  But there is a whimsical element hidden.   In the jukebox, you'll hear a wide range of styles, colors, moods, from unusual experimental mixs, ambient, techno, to virtual orchestras and even dance and pop.  There's demos of my cd roms, work done with female vocalists, lots of strange and bizarre tweaks with audio gear.



You can access my main catalog though the links in the left pane (where you can read all about each piece) or by going directly to my music sites at soundclick.com and acidplanet.com

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All songs on this site are copyright 1986-2008 Rich's MIDI Lab, Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab, Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-Central.com.  All rights are reserved.  Advance permission is granted for internet radio stations to stream this content given that I am notified.  Individual songs may be licensed for for use in your projects.  Inquire by emailing me at rich@SPAM-ME-NOTtweakheadz.com   Of course remove the SPAM-ME-NOT



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