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The Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra

This is the main demo from the Ice Kold Tekno orkestra SoundFont collection, which is for sale on my website. All samples originated from the VINTAGE Korg MS-20. I have turned it into a multi-timbral software synth. What you hear are "old style" analog synthetic representations of an orchestra, what we used to do before sample playback synths came around. But as true tweakmeisters know, sometimes we want to use these imperfect analog replicas. Listen


This collection features over 580 samples taken from the vintage Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer. The full set of samples were drawn from my Ice Kold Tekno CD-Rom for Emu-Samplers and reprogrammed to take advantages of the features of the Soundfont environment. Then I added and analog General MIDI set to round it out. There are 20 completely unique banks of various well chosen sizes. The Main Bank is approximately 17 megs and has as of the final count 309 Samples, 525 Instruments and over 530 Presets. That's 4 full MIDI banks each with127 programs and the kits--and that's in the Main SoundFont Bank alone! You can choose to load as many of the banks as you wish till you hit the 32 meg limit. I made some banks in the 1-5 meg range so you can easily add great ms20 sounds to your existing soundfont setup. You can, for example, keep an 8 meg GM bank resident, load the Main Bank and still have room for a bank or two of the more esoteric soundfonts. I understand your need for flexibility. The really large samples are put in their own banks so you don't have to have them eating up your RAM when you don't plan to use them. In total, there are over 730 presets and over 20 different drum Kits. Its a total synth environment. You have eveything you need to make a full composition--the entire analog representation of an orchestra, and great cutting edge industrial/dance/ambient.tekno sounds. Its all analog based. You will not sound like everyone else.

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