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Horizons of the Lost

by Rich and Ana


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This was the first song we did in our very first session. Imagine. You know how anxious first sessions can be, especially when you don't know who you are playing with. But it was the moment that revealed all. We had picked out one of my Poems "Horizons" and I nervously turned on the multitrack, picked up my guitar and this song came out. As soon as the first note came out of her mouth, we fell in total sync. We were both totally and happily blown away.

We start out lives with such promise. As many of us pass from teens to 20's to 30s we contine to look for our niche in the world. Yet there is little control, we are always at the center of a rapid interplay of forces, and new roads open as faster than we can even comprhend them. We stare, dumbly, at the horizon. If we can only grasp the live wire running through it all, we could avoid the fate of the lost.

Recorded on a 4 track cassette. Totally cleaned and retracked in the digital domain with some of the best tools available. Logic 4, Sonic foundry Noise reduction, and remixed on a Mackie.


Endless, exhausting trails
Leading to rest spots
Which bear out the infinite
Horizons of the Lost

Perfect Karmas
Gurgling with Glee and
Snikering at Human Consequence
Rapid interplay of forces open
A dozen more roads

On which to brood of consequence
Tip tounge the live wire
To keep that high
Grained against the mundane
As it draws him



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