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The Eclectic Garage

Demo from the Mystik Garage


My garage is filled with lots of junk.  There's all the usual stuff like tools and lawn mowers, nails and screws, wood and sheet metal (and even a car when i can move enough of it out of the way), then there's lots of other stuff.  Broken Guitars, odd drums, toys, decades of audio equipment, shelves of old tapes from my college days, an old Silvertone amp, old commodore 64s running the very first computer sequencers, a crusty banjo, warped cymbals, an intermittent Akai X7000 sampler with my original library i sampled a decade ago, with its pawn shop basses, and other delightful recordings, like my world famous thunderstorms.  Real instruments include rain sticks, wind chimes, several different flutes, kalimbas, tambourines and shakers, cuicas, my very avante violin, and classic guitar and tons of "found art". If It makes a good noise when I throw it on the floor, it in!  Ok, I'll even throw in a few samples of some female vocalists that wandered into the garage once.   In fact, everything i can't fit in my audio lab ends up in the garage.  Such a musical garage!


This Emu format CD Rom disk was made on an ESi Sampler. 
Loads perfectly into the Esi 32, Esi4000/2000, 
E4, E-Synth , E64, E6400 (and all the Ultras) 
and even the EIII





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