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Dreaming at the Machine

This is another demo from the Ice Kold Tekno orkestra SoundFont collection, which is for sale on my website. All samples originated from the VINTAGE Korg MS-20. I have turned it into a multi-timbral software synth.


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Can you do real industrial/techno/dance on a soundcard? Not with your standard General MIDI sets! Well you could try but the results are bound to be ahh.. somehow the word "PC-ish" comes to mind. No matter how good you are at sequencing, the result will be severely compromised. If you want to do Techno/Industrial you need the right sounds. The artists among us know that old analog synths provide the defining elements for the Techno arts. Of course you could go out and find an MS20 or other vintage synth (perhaps 600-900 dollars, if you can find one). Then you could spend allot of time learning it, sampling, editing, transferring and programming. Or you could play these great analog originally mono sounds in full surround capable stereo, with tons of voices, with the SB Live soundcard!This SoundFont CD Rom costs more than other sets because, unlike other sets you can buy, this one delivers! Unlike other sets, these banks are ones you will actually use, over and over.  The Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra is in a class by itself.  To my knowledge, it has no competition.  

All songs on this site are copyright 1986-2008 Rich's MIDI Lab, Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab, Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-Central.com.  All rights are reserved.  Advance permission is granted for internet radio stations to stream this content given that I am notified.  Individual songs may be licensed for for use in your projects.  Inquire by emailing me at rich@SPAM-ME-NOTtweakheadz.com   Of course remove the SPAM-ME-NOT



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