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The Dawning


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Rich and Ana

July 1987. This is the last song Ana and I did together. Ana had just told me she was leaving. She said this one was for all her friends and made me promise that I would release our best songs to the public. She gave me one picture of her, on the album cover, which is the only one I have. I knew it was our last session, but never thought i was never to see her again. Ana knew her time was short somehow, making this piece all the more haunting.

Story Behind the Song
I could barely contain myself the day we wrote this song. I spent all night joyfully mixing it down, thinking we really had a hit. To me, it was great art. To her, I think she was, unknown to me, actually contemplating death--this may have been were she was really at. I know this one was quite special for her.

Now its 12 years later. I dug the old master tape out of my tape closet and transferred the tracks to Logic. I tossed my old synth tracks, but kept my acoustic guitar and her voice from the original, adding new synth tracks and custom samples from my collection. I think I outdid the original mix. I think Ana, wherever she is, God rest her soul, is smiling that this one made it out of my studio.


Pleasures you are
Pleasures you will find
You are my friend
I will be with you
till the end

But what about tomorrow?

The bubble has popped.
We will se where we are going to.
We'll meet and find you


You are my friends
You'll be there till the end

I can see you
In the Dawning
The evenings gone

Death has taken place
We'll find each other
In the Dawning
In the Dawning
In the Dawning

Death has taken place
We'll find each other
In the Dawning
In the Dawning
In the Dawning

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