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Demo One of the Celestial WindowPane


Just a short piece to demonstrate some of the dancey loops on the CD Rom Celestial Windowpane. The disk is available exclusively from me in limited runs. So go get yourself one.



From my sound dev journals:

Story Behind the Song
Then I started to think of fractals, and got a new algorithmic composer. By the way, the tweak cut his teeth on all the old Dr. T's algorithmic composer programs way back in the 80's so this new stuff is old hat. What isn't old hat is the sounds of Ice Kold and the Mystik (and my arsenal of modern synths) triggered by fractals, chaos, and random algebra. I've discovered sonic territory so far out there it has redefined the project. No hype. I really think I found some NEW ground here. It's unearthly, it's cyber, it's right ON for this year of the new millennia. It's strange, man, I look up into the night sky and feel this really hyped out static electricity running the cosmos. Our electronic music is getting faster and faster. One wonders... all I can tell you, in the midst of the pure force of creativity as I work through the night, is that there is something very musical about the forces that run our universe. It is our responsibility as electronic musicians to capture the real forces of matter and energy in our art, so the mathematicians, physicists, and technologists can get a handle on them.


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