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The Brightening Path

Rich and Jillian

Uplifting Song, recorded with the new sensational vocalist, Jillian!

The Brightening Path
Mar 1, 2000

By Rich
copyright 2000 Tweakheadz Lab, all rights reserved

Walk down to the shore
What do i see
A pathway just has opened
And I know its for me

Yesterday, we'll forget about that
There's nothing i can do
I couldnt go back if I wanted to
So lets not worry about that

The days are full of happiness
the nights are full of soul
And when you come to see me
I know i feel whole

Where are the clouds?

I found the secret years ago while
sitting on a rock
All you have to do is quit trying
And let the clock stop

Following the pathway
I reach to the sun
The brightening pathway
just leads me to the one

Morning Flowers open
Evening rests the soul
I'm glad you are with me
to walk with me home


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