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Barefoot in the Streets of War


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Ana and I met at Les Amis Cafe the day of the onset of a military involvement with Libya in 1986. We were surprised that despite the fact that people were dying, the local cafe intelligentsia didn't seem to care. Ana was terribly upset, crying about it. We penned the words as we finished our espressos and went to my studio and this came out recording together live, with the emotions running strong. Dramatic and powerful piece. Remastered with modern synths and samplers.

Old Gear Notes:

The introduction was written on an Akai s612 "single shot sampler". We overdubbed all the voices. Ana's voice was meticulously cleaned from a very dirty analog tape using Sound Forge and a massive volume edit in Logic. Emotions were very dark the day we wrote this, having discussed the ravages of war for a few hours.



-from the standpoint of miltary generals-
Their Laughing at me
There is a war going on
Libya, Nicaragua
VietNam all over again

There is a war going on
There is a war going on
Shoot Now! Shoot Now!
Their Laughing at me!

VietNam, VietNam,
All over again.
There's a child
Hungry and Cold
There's a Momma
Warming his Soul.

War is around me now.

Their feet
Playing in the Street of War
For the child
He doesn't know
anything else
For that's his home.




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