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Ambient Two

This piece is a demo of the Post Industrial Cybr Sound Depot CD Rom.  You can read more about that. 


Cool Features of Post Indie

The ultimate repository of industrial synth noises, synth patches, digital/analog atmospheres or pads, bpm patches, synthesized orchestras, analog filter effects and ambient-industrial-electronica drums and real percussion.

Massive 128 meg bank, crammed with the good stuff.   999 samples and 980 presets, all superbly tweaked The box cannot hold more!  

The samples are from  the Korg MS20, from digital FM synthesis, VFX vector synthesis, Roland's Linear Alogrithmic Synthesis, the Wavestation's unique multilayered PCM synthesis and Casio's Phase Distortion Synthesis. There's also a wealth of unique FM "noise-forms" as well as sonic experiments from my new software synths, the Pro 52, ES1 and Dynamo--and it's many onboard synths. There is also some new, pristinely sampled acoustic and electric guitars, beautifully sampled percussion instruments and other acoustic odds and ends, as well as bits and snips from the best of my sound archives

I've included some of the samples and presets from Ice Kold Tekno You'll get some of great MS20 sounds from that sample CD including the best drum kits. Selected presets were recast in EOS to take advantage of cords and controllers. Every sample was re-looped and re optimized.  The really long Ice Kold single shot drones (which were so big they had to have a separate bank in Ice Kold) are now looped and crossfaded to make them more useable and loadable in typical projects.  

Controllers A-D defined for nearly every preset. If you have knobs somewhere in your rig or sequencer, you will discover tremendous real time effects with every preset.  Every patch is tweaked and the emu filters are given a total workout.   

Beautifully articulated ambient sounds that are squeaky clean and precise.  There's beautiful synth flutes strings, lots of soft mallets, ethereal bells and whistles, winds and seas, and scores of SpaceScapes with plenty of abstract machines and other sound objects to put in them.  I also added lots of great clean percussion samples to make the palette sound worldly and exotic. My Ambient percussion Kit took several days to make and I sampled lots of new stuff for it.  I think it actually has healing qualities. 




All songs on this site are copyright 1986-2008 Rich's MIDI Lab, Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab, Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-Central.com.  All rights are reserved.  Advance permission is granted for internet radio stations to stream this content given that I am notified.  Individual songs may be licensed for for use in your projects.  Inquire by emailing me at rich@SPAM-ME-NOTtweakheadz.com   Of course remove the SPAM-ME-NOT



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