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A monster of a technoid thing. The archetype of the Egytian/Tek muse that seems to speak through my stuff.
Out of the ashes of egyptian pharohs arises the vision of the future. Teknostrodomous, the seer, is born. Electro-acoustic Techno with a powerful Egyptian theme. This one was done with the millenium in mind, and in the knowledge that somewhere, somehow, Technostrodomous, the embodiment of our modern taste in dance has awakened and is calling the playlist. Hmm...think about that, ok?

Story Behind the Song
I have been fusing Techno sensibilites with Egyptian scales and tonalites knowing there are a few sparks that can open a massive hole in the cultural soundscape. Teknostrodomous lays the groundwork for the elaboration of this musical transgression.

One heavy breath, actually a female breath.




The Birth Of Technostrodomous

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