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Allen and Heath GL2400-24 24-Channel Mixer

Behringer XENYX XL3200 32-Channel Mixer

Which Software/Interface?

Pro Tools LE

Digidesign Digi 003 Rack+ Music Production System

Logic Pro

Apogee Ensemble FireWire Audio Interface


Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 700 Recording System


Steinberg MR816CSX Advanced Integration DSP Studio Firewire Audio Interface

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Korg M3 61-Key Synth Workstation Sampler

Tweak:  This is a spinoff of Korg's ultimate synth, the oasys.  In addition to the touch screen, the M3 features second generation Karma technology
Roland Fantom-G7 76-Key Sampling Workstation
Tweak: The latest from Roland.  Huge video screen.  New expansion options. 

Roland V-SynthGT

Tweak:  A synth is this caliber is for those who need to be on the cutting edge of sound creation.  Roland is a leader in warping sounds in pitch and time.  This is the third generation V-synth.

Yamaha MM6

Tweak: Inexpensive and light, the MM6 has a hot sound.  Good for hip hop and dance music.


Moog Little Phatty

Tweak: After you play the MM6 you might bemoan the use of lightweight plastics.  Then go play a lil Phatty.  Superior knobs and feel, indestructible like a tank. One voice analog synthesis--old school style.


Motif XS8

Tweak:  The Motif ES is history; long live the XS.  Largest waveform rom of any of the synths of this class; largest sample memory too (up to 1GB).  Connects by ethernet to your computer. 6,000 arpeggios.  88 key version has a built in mLAN firewire interface.





"Guide" Gets you started really fast


Class #1 Studio 101: Getting Started After reading this you should understand the difference between MIDI and Audio and have a good sense of the different ways to configure a studio

Class #2 Basics of Building the Studio.  My handy chart shows you how to put it all together

Class #3 Buying a, audio interface: What you must know There's a snake pit of options and confusing acronyms for drivers.  I'll get you through this painlessly.

Class #4 Various Studio Rigs This article shows you how to put it all together from a variety of different approaches to gear.

Class #5 The Basics of Writing a song on a Computer with Midi  Here is what it is like building a song on a computer, step by step

Class #6 Overview of Multi-Track Recorders goes into the different solutions from simple 4 track cassette decks for songwriters to advanced 24 track hard disk recorders that integrate with computers. 

Class #7 The Intelligent Person's Guide to Buying Gear 
This article gives you a sense of the different types of gear and offers tips that will help you avoid costly mistakes

Class #8 Mastering in the Home Studio

There's over 25 free classes at TweakHeadz Lab

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Access Virus TI2 Desktop Integrated Modeling Synthesizer
The Virus TI2 Desktop synth is a follow up to the widely acclaimed TI series of totally integrated synthesizers, gives you 25% more calculating power and a redesigned housing and front panel. Access has also supplied a major feature update, OS3, adding extra FX including Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter and a handful of Distortion algorithms along with a premier feature named Character.



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